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We pay your stress away

Get relief from the burden of bookkeeping and budgeting!
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Who's going to look after your financial interests while you're busy earning a living?

When you need help organizing, the experts at HFC offer experienced bookkeeping services.
If you're looking for personal attention to your financial interests, HFC can help. Whether you're living abroad, a frequent traveler or going through a crisis, like death or divorce, HFC can act as your personal money manager, and your interests are represented in a professional manner



Let Hampton Financial Consulting make a plan for you to become debt free. After all, isn't financial success what you have in mind? Your personal financial counselor at Hampton Financial will:

Provide you with professional skill and personal interest 

Diagnose your personal needs

Help you set realistic goals

Explain immediate and underlying financial pitfalls

Implement your plan of action

Monitor and evaluate your progress

work to establish long-term financial security

Offer emotional support and constructive alternatives



If you have gotten in over your head, and bankruptcy seems like the only way out, STOP! You may have alternatives.  We may be able to settle your obligations while avoiding bankruptcy through a planned debt liquidation program.  If your facing financial crisis, here's what Hampton Financial Consulting can do to help you.  

Assess your current financial situation.

Prioritize you obligations realistically

Develop a workable household budget

Negotiate a reasonable repayment plan

Make your monthly payments

Liquidate your debt

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