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We pay your stress away

Get relief from the burden of bookkeeping and budgeting!
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Hampton Financial Consulting was established in 1990 by the founders Jerry & Barbara Hampton.  Holly Harper joined in 1996 with 10 years of accounts payable experience, and with a love of numbers and people, continues to build a client base.  Holly is very optimistic and loves helping people.  In 2008 Joshua Osborne, a Heald Business College graduate, came aboard and has been working here ever since.  Joshua is married and has two children. He is hardworking and has a no nonsense attitude. You will enjoy working with him and his sense of humor.

Bookkeeping services is just the beginning!  As a client of Hampton Financial Consulting, we will help you:

Restore order to your financial life by reviewing how to use your financial assets and looking for ways to improve your financial picture.

Budget for all of life's needs, wants, and surprises. We'll show how you to save more without giving up your lifestyle.

Protect your good credit.  We know how to use credit as a financial tool to increase your financial security  and help you keep your good name and worthiness.

Understand the complexity of installment loans, revolving credit, and other financial tools that can help you reach financial freedom.

We pay your stress away!

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