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Get relief from the burden of bookkeeping and budgeting!
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Busy Professionals

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Newly married couples

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Individuals in crisis

Service providers and trustees

People of all ages

All income levels 


Karpaty Family​

My wife and I have been blessed with Hampton Financial Consulting. Before coming to HFC we were always borrowing money at the end of the month to make it. It never made sense because on paper it looked like we had the money, we just were not very good at managing the money and paying our bills on time. Ever since we started using HFC our bills are always on time, we always have money, never argue about money and NO more stress about money. It was the best thing we have ever done.

D Hawkyard, Roseville, CA​

Hampton Financial Consulting has been helping monitor my bills for about 10 years. They are honest, professional, helpful, efficient and very effective with creditors and bankers. I was single when I came to HFC and now married. My new bride was reluctant to give up the reigns when it came to the family funds but I asked her to try it and today she swears by HFC. To anyone who might be thinking if doing business with them, I can say give them a try... you won't regret it.

SGA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thank you for the outstanding services that Hampton Financial Consulting have provided. When I first retained HFC, I was expecting only bookkeeping services while away on an overseas assignment in Malaysia. HFC has gone far beyond that...your willingness and persistence on my behalf have saved me a great deal of money and trouble. It is a great relief knowing that my affairs are being attended to while I am halfway around the world.

​K. LeMaster, Sugarland TX

When I came to Hampton Financial Consulting I was married and now I am a single mom with three kids. Having HFC as my bookkeeper has been such a relief to me. With work and keeping up with the kids' schedule it is nice to know someone is looking after my finances and keeping my credit the best it can be. HFC is a blessing.

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